USB Type-C Hi-Res Audio Module

 USB Type-C Hi-Res Audio Module for Type-C Digital  Headset and Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter

  • On-Chip USBInterface
    • Fully Compliant with USB2.0 with USB LinkPowerManagement (L0toL3)
    • 480Mbps High Speed Transceiver
    • USB Audio Class 2.0/1.0
    • USB Adaptive or Synchronous Transfer for Playback,AdaptiveTransfer
      for Record
  • On-Chip USBCodec
    • Output Level:1Vrms
    • SNR:96dB
    • THD+N:-90dB
    • Crosstalk:-90dB
  • Stereo PDM Digital Microphone Interface
  • On-Chip24bit Mono Differential ADC with Programmable Mic Bias LDO
  • Audio Format
    • Digital Stream Roundtrip delay less than 5ms (USBHSmode,any samplerate)
    • Playback:
      • Stereo DAC:PCM16/24/32bit44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192,352.8,384kHz
        and DSD64,128,25
    • Recording:
      • Mono ADC:DualMono Stream16/24 bit PCM 44.1,48,88.2,96kHz
      • Stereo Digital Mic:Stereo16/24bit PCM 44.1,48,88.2,96kHz
        and DSD64(2.8MHz),DSD128(5.6MHz)
  • AudioEffect
    • Playback
      • Apply both PCM and DSD for Volume,De-Pop and DRC
      • Hi-Resolution40kHz 24bit 7band Parametric EQ
    • Recoding
      • PCM Volume
  • On-ChipDual LED driver with Breathing and StereoVolumeUnit(VU) Meter Effect Engine
    (free assign to any DIO)
    • VU Meter as LED Beat Effect
    • PWM as LED Breathing Effect
  • On-Chip Clock Synthesizer with Single12MHz Clock Source(External Crystal or
  • On-Chip UVLO(Gangin RSTZ_UVLO pin) for PowerOn/Off Pop Elimination Control
  • Timer Counted 6bit SARADC for Headset Button Decode
  • USBPHY Power:3.3V and 1.8V,IO Power:1.8V~3.3V,Core Power:1.8V,Analog Power3.3V,Headphone
    Power: 1.8V
  • Type-C Digital Headset
  • Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter
  • Portable USB Audio Dongle with charging input




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